Pole dance Edit by Frederik Andersen

Filmed in Copenhagen and Malmö during the summer and fall of 2018 Film and Edit: Frederik Andersen Intro Melody by: Andreas Laustsen Skaters: Asger Thomsen Elliot Toiminen Thomas Samuel Axel Berggren Casper Lindgren Julius Rohrberg Rogvi Hermansen Sebastian Bromose Daniel Moi Pedersen Kristian Grumstrup

Copenhagen Open 2018 – 2 days in CPH

A couple of flicks from first 2 days of the CPH OPEN Suprise edition.


  William Frederiksen is one of the key players behind the Danish skate scene, who through the recent years has put Copenhagen on the skateboard map, with a big fat highlighter. On a daily basis he pulls the strings for Copenhagen Skatepark and the local scene, though the […]

Copenhagen Open 2017 – Best of

    Another year of CPH OPEN celebration of skateboarding has passed. Here’s a full photographic journey into the madness of 2017’s festivities. Photos by Keke,  Simon & Emiliano

Copenhagen Open day II 21.07.2017

Day 2 at Cph Open…it is hard to grasp how many people were in the streets yesterday celebrating skateboarding. Photo report from that day looks like a treasure hunt for spots led by the massive pilgrimage of people that ended in a massive quarterpipe session in the meat packing […]

Copenhagen Open – Skateboarding contest Day 1 – 20.07.2017

Here are some snaps from the day one of Copenhagen Open. Beers, good friends, and big tricks went down. The best skateboarding contest in the world is on! Photos by Emiliano Meucci ,  Keke Leppala  & Simon Skipper