Berlin Open by Sam Bailey via Kingpin

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Highlights from Berlin Open 2015 in
The Fox Shelters in the Non-Serious Smoking Volcano video.

Skaters featured:

Ville Wester,Danni Carlsen, Hugo Boserup, 
Tommy Fynn, Samuel Beyer, Nassim Guammaz, Madars Apse, 
Chris Elizondo, Jean Wepend, Patrick Rogalski, Casper Brooker,
 Daan van der Linden, Josef Scott Jatta, Deo Katunga, Diego Fiorese,
 Louis Taubert, Kevin Baekkel, Douwe Macare, Aurelien Giraud,
 Carlos Ribeiro, Fernando Bramsmark, Dannie Carlsen, Dylan Witkin,
Farid Ulrich, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Oskar Hallberg, Simon Karlsson, Adrien Bulard


After months of hard work we can finally make it public. Stay tuned for updates and release dates on our social media.

Sidewalk Trip to Cali

Words by Ramo
Photos by: Ramo and Roberts Osis

Sidewalk trip Cali One Love Skate Mag Skateshop Denmark

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I’m on a trip to Cali with the Sidewalk Skateshop’s team including Tobias Just, Roberts Osis, Ville Wester, Hugo Boserup and The boss: Thomas Madsen. We want to reach both LA and San Diego so we rented out an apartment halfway through in Dana Point.

The day before yesterday we went to LA to hit Venice Beach. Thomas and me have been there before so we really wanted to show the “Freak-Show” to the young-gunz. Venice Beach is an amazing place for skaters – on the one hand you got the old skate-park including an up-curb, a legendary manual-pad and this 2-foot high quarter pipe. Next to it you got the brand new skatepark – famous place already not only because Nyjah was ripping the runway in suit and tie there. For the rest of Venice Beach there are just all sorts of café’s, bars, souvenir-shops (with bizarre spaced-out sunglasses) and a bunch of weirdness. It’s hard to find the words to describe that place – you have to see it to believe it. After Venice we drove downtown to see Hollywood Boulevard, but having no luck finding a parking place we went pass it. The music kept spinning in the car as were on the way to Radio Korea aka J. Kwon. On the way we located a few spots and stopped couple of times to skate. We finally arrived around 10 in the evening and we had the hangout all for ourselves. Having heard that the spot is a freaking circus during daytime I guess we were kind of lucky. It’s a funny fact with LA that even though it’s such a big town with so many citizens; downtown turns into a ghost town after midnight. Yesterday we went to San Diego to skate Channel Street and Washington Street. Those places are gnarly as fuck and seriously when you see stuff going down and you think to yourself that you could have done the same trick I could only laugh at you and tell you that you’re a douche!! Luckily for me I’m a self-titled street-skater so I could easily hide behind the camera in both spots. After Washington Street we met up with Tom Remillard in his neighborhood where we rolled around to see a few of his local spots and film some footage. The sun went down and we found this sick spot in a downhill alley that stared out wit a curb on the left and 10 meters ahead a gap on the right. We have rolled out in the darkness with a bit of the lights from the car. Everything was sketchy because of the lack of bright but the session was still grand.

Today we went to Ocean Side to convene with my man Colin from Scotland who lives there. The new skatepark called Prince Park was looking tempting but the sun was roasting way too much and we were unable to skate. Still stoked to skate together with Colin we have found a ditch where you could gap over the entrance. It was a perfect place but full of dirt so we borrowed a broom from a next-door company, and after we were done filming the man invited us to see his garage. He was apparently the owner of a garage that fixes old cars, car-wrecks and then resells them.

He was kind of like a white middle-aged Caucasian version of Xzibit – while his mechanics worked on the vehicles he was having a beer and showing us his old cars. He even started the engine on an old all-black Datsun (for none-knowers it’s a small car similar to a old Fiat) and it sounded like a freaking beast! Now we’re back in Dana Point and while the Boys are in the Jacuzzi, Thomas is firing up the grill…

Next couple o days is going to be banging for sure…


Rip City Skates in Santa Monica is a real skateshop like back then. It’s been there since 78’ and still going strong. If you need boards or hardware this is the venue.

Pipes Cafe in San Clemente is actually a recommend I got from Teit (Jägers) and that place is where you get a proper amerrr’can brunch.

 If for some reason you still did not check the video from the trip just press play: