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Get the print mag

We support our local shops and skate parks. Get your copy in one of the places mentioned below.

Keep in mind that we are working on distributing the print mag outside of CPH and we will update the list soon.


Delux Cph BoxSHOP                     Christiania 
Alis Shop                             Christiania 
Wonderland                            Christiania
LAB                                   Vestergade 12    1456 København K
Street Machine                        Kronprinsensgade 3, 1114 København K
AFUK                                  Enghavevej 82B 2450 København SV
OH DAWN                               Pilestræde 47  1112 København
Circus Circus                         Guldbergsgade 16, 2200 København N
Sidewalk                              Enghave Plads 10 1670 København V          
Dark Crow Tattoo                      Fortunstræde 3 1065 København K

Ponke's The Shop                      Kauppakeskus Forum 2.kerros, Simonkatu 6 Helsinki
Lamina Kamppi                         Kampin Kauppakeskus 5. kerros, Urho Kekkosen Katu 1, Helsinki
My Favorite Things                    Fredrikinkatu 31 (courtyard), 00120 Helsinki
Union 5                               Mannerheimintie 20 (0.-kerros), 00100 Helsinki 
Luuppi Skate Skeittihalli             Kontulan nuorten toimintakeskus Luuppi, Ostostie 4, Helsinki

If you are either : a huge fan that can’t wait, live too far away, too lazy to get a copy, work in opening hours, too greedy and wants more than one copy to impress some girls or homies send us an email at

and we will fix you with some copies.
Remember guys: it’s free and limited.