Empowering Mozambique – Skate World Better

Our homie Martin Louzecky, originally Czech gone CPH local, has made it his mission to grow the skateboarding scene in the capital of Mozambique through the foundation Skate World Better (SWB) and gathered a strong team of Danes, internationals and local Mozambicans to make an epic build this […]

Jamaica skatepark project

ALIS does it again and this time is sunny Jamaica. Check the crowdfunder page and support the project: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/boston-bmx-and-skatepark

Tobias Bisse Clip

Quick foot work from Tobias Bisse müllerdud film by johan benda

Jordan Thackeray Video Part

Jordan Thackeray from Lovenskate’s ‘Don’t worry Gordo, the universe will get us there’ that was filmed and edited by Jackson Davis