Malmo Vans Park Series

“We headed over to Malmo to witness some of the best skaters from all around the word destroying the new Kroksbäck Skatepark. 

The event like this feel more like a family gathering than an actual competition; you get to see your favorite skater shred and hang out with your friends. Here’s a short photo recap from Jose Francisco Morros, while I was busy trying to get some decent video for the insta cyberspace.

Thanks for the good time Vans Park Series ! 

CPH Open 2016

Photos by Keke Leppälä & Emiliano Meucci

There was a really great turnout this year for CPH OPEN.
This year’s contest showcased some more of Copenhagen’s awesome spots
but between the mind destroying level of skateboarding and mind expanding mushrooms,
we can’t really tell you what happened – good thing we got photos! Check ’em out here! -ADB


End the set with this amazing clip of Pedro Barros killing the Faelledparken bowl oververt:

Results can be seen from:

HELride 2016

Photos by: Keke Leppälä

@Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is easily one of our favorite cities to go to. The contests are always fun,
and the locals are always super friendly! This year’s 4 days HELride was loaded
with events, bringing you to spots around the city. With sessions at Savela, Kiasma, Kallio,
Kamppi Narinkkatori and easily one of the most epic DIYs in Europe: #SuvilahtiDIY.

Check out some of the shots and make sure to be there next year!

Thank you HELride!

Dannie Carlsen, Marius Syvänen, Pat Duffy, Danger, Jussi Korhonen, Kasperi Kropsu, Joni Kiiskilä, Nikolai Alin, Juho Liesmäki, Steve Forstner, Brian Delatorre, Thomas Roupe and more.

Tim O’connor, Samu Karvonen

Video recaps of the event can be found from

Helsinki HELride, Finland

#HELride even goind down at Helsinki, Finland with Dannie Carlsen at Savela Vert contest starting the event.

#HELride even going down at Helsinki, Finland 4-7.8.2016 with Dannie Carlsen nosegrinding at Savela Vert contest yesterday, start day of the event. Foto: Keke Leppälä

Would this be allowed in Olympics 2020?

Would this be allowed in Olympics 2020?

HITIT Premiere

photos by: E.Meucci & Keke Leppala

A premiere of an independent full movie by Jais Tellervo Hansen

@Copenhagen Skatepark


Mikkel Haugegaard
Nicolai Minde
Lukas Olsen
Tobias Christoffersen
Andreas Laustsen
Bjarne Tjøtta
Kevin Bækkel
Jared Cleland
Alexander Risvad

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